18 September 2009

Had a goal and reached it

Today at school was the Aloha Show.  It was suggested that we wear aloha attire, for those on the mainland that would be a nice Hawaiian shirt for the men and muu muu's for the women.  I have a muu muu that I really love but that is fitted and it had gotten a little tight.  Last weekend I realized that if I watched what I ate and worked out I could fit into that dress by today.  So I did.  I worked out every day, twice most days.  I walked the dogs every night and I watched what I ate.  I didn't necessarily count calories and I ate whatever I wanted, just a little bit of them instead of a lot.  Today I put the dress on and it fit just fine. Woo Hoo.  Maybe I need to have a little goal every week to keep me on track.

I have found that not obsessing over numbers seems to be working much better for me.  I get so hung up in the numbers I lose track of the whole reason for counting calories.  After a while numbers just become numbers, 4396841, whatever..... Eating sensibly and watching my portions seems to be the ticket for me and I need to remember that.

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