12 September 2009

Must focus....

So my workouts have been sporadic, my eating has been spotty, my motivation fluctuating.  Time to get a little focus.  One of the things that helps me focus is reading weight loss blogs.  I've pared down a lot of my blog reading and since weight loss bloggers seem to fade out when things get tough, I haven't been reading many weight loss blogs recently.  I'm changing that.  I'm not sure if this is crazy but I really enjoy reading that other people are struggling just like I am.  That makes me feel not so alone and not such a failure.  So I've added more blogs to my feed reader.

I also feel like I'm not accountable to anyone.  I need to change that.  I need to be accountable to myself. I'm not sure how I'm going to do that yet, I'm thinking I may start a daily posting here, that's worked in the past.....  Anyway, I did work out and I need to go shower now.

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Jen said...

First, I have to say, I love ya. From one birdie mom to another. I recently lost custody of my Umbie and miss her desperately.

Secondly, lets do this girl. I'll be your biggest cheerleader, your support and weight loss buddy.

I've been told by my doc, I have to loose 40+ pounds or else. My heart just can't take it any more.

Sorry if I'm out of place. I just think we can really help each other. Us both being birdie moms and needing to get healthy.

Let me know. I'm here for ya.



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