08 October 2009

Day 6

Wow, I feel just amazing. I don't know if it's the break, the activity, or the eating right but I feel just awesome.

Yesterday was a pretty good day, busy afternoon. I went for a run in the morning which was the hottest, death march of a run I've done in a long time. But I did it and it didn't kill me so I am happy. I did treat myself to a muffin yesterday. I had class last night and there is a little shop that sells the best muffins right near there. I allowed myself one yesterday and it was good. I'm sure it was like 500 calories though so it's debatable if it was that good. I ended up eating 1800 cals yesterday but I burned 500 on my run so in a way I guess the muffing balanced out.

Today it's a bike ride. I got new tires I need to put on then I'm off for a ride.

When ever I start working out again after some time off or a period of inconsistency my body reacts. When I start working out regularly again my body develops all these aches and pains. Now granted I may be sore and achy from getting back into it but it's almost like my body is protesting. Weird, I know. I get the same kind of pain in the same places every time. For instance, when I start running again my knee bothers me. It's not really pain more like a rubbing that feels weird. It is annoying as hell but not really painful. It seems like my knee is saying don't run, really, just stop. Same with my back. My low back acts up. Again, not really pain just an out of place feeling that is annoying as all get out!! Anyway, I'm in that phase right now. I know if I get through it I will feel great on the other side, but right now I would gladly trade some parts in on newer models if I could :)

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