18 October 2009


So my little fall on Thursday sidelined me for a few days but enough is enough.  I'm working out this morning, I'm just trying to decide what I'm doing.  I missed a run on Friday so I could run but that would shift my running schedule from Monday, Wednesday, Friday to Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday.  That's a problem in that I have class late on Wednesday night and getting up early to run on Thursdays is tough.  Hmmm......  I could go for a bike ride, that's always fun but it really looks like it's going to rain and rain hard. Hmmmmm.......... I have a couple of videos for chemistry that I want to view, I could do the elliptical and watch them at the same time, that would kill two birds with one stone.  Hmmm...... Decisions, decisions, decisions.........

I've decided I'm going for it, 7 months, 5 marathons, 11 months to prepare.  I'm going to do it.  I have to lose some weight and stick to a training program but I'm halfway there.  Let the fun begin.  Oh yeah, to BQ I need to do 4:05........Can it happen??

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