17 October 2009

A little bit sore

I'm debating with myself about going for a run this morning. I am a little bit sore from my fall but the soreness is all in my upper body. Weird. Actually I think my elbows took the force of the fall, mainly my left elbow, and it reverberated up through my biceps and pectoral muscles because those are what's sore. So I'm trying to convince myself that running won't bother these muscles. It's not working so good.

Since I got my Mustang we've been using Charlie's truck to take the dogs for a walk. We can not walk them around here because of them being insane and all the dogs around us being insane. Anyway, I ride in the back of the truck with the dogs because Axl is not smart enough to stay in the truck. He has already jumped out once while driving. So today I want to go and see if we can find some truck accessories that will make riding in the back a little more comfortable for me. It's only a short ride, less then 5 minutes, but still my butt gets sore.

Off to figure out what I'm going to do this morning.

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