27 November 2009

Note to commenters

I reject comments that have a name like Chicago Drunk Driving Attorney.  I know that's not your name and I refuse to put that crap on my blog.  So stop it!!!  Those comments don't get through and they never will.  Save yourself the time of typing them. 

I got my strength session in yesterday but that's all I did.  It was rainy and gloomy here most of the day and I spent far to many hours reading a book.  So only strength yesterday.  Oh well.  Today I'm going for a run but I learned my lesson on Wednesday and I had something to eat so I won't be going for about an hour or so.  That's okay I have lots and lots of stuff to do.  Lots. and. lots.  

We have an appointment this afternoon but I don't want to talk about it yet. I don't want to jinx it.  Let's just say, keep your fingers crossed for me.  If all goes well I will make the announcement by the end of the weekend.

Okay, things to do so I'm off. 

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