27 November 2009

The run from hell

The other day I went for a run in the rain and had a great time.  I got soaking wet, twice, and still had an awesome run.  Today I headed out in beautiful weather and it was literally the run from hell.  My legs felt like lead.  I felt like I was running through mud.  I could not find my pace and my breathing was off the entire time. I felt like crap.  I was doing intervals, 5 minutes running and 90 seconds walking. During the walking segments I usually powerwalk but today I could barely move. It really was the most miserable run I've had in a while. 

After that torture I came home and collapsed on the couch.  As I was sitting there I noticed that the tv stands we have are starting to bow. With any luck we will have a really good reason to buy all new stuff. No talking about it just yet though. No jinx.

I'm off to play a game. I feel like playing tonight.

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