06 November 2009

Trying to work it out

So here's the deal.  For the last few months I've been on this energy roller coaster.  One week I'm fine and have lots of energy, the next week I'm exhausted.  I've tried to tie to something. Anything.  It's not my period, though that adds to it.  It doesn't seem to be my workload, that remains fairly constant but I do know that it is exhausting work.  The only thing I can think it is is my food.  When I'm feeling good and have lots of energy I tend to forget to eat I get so busy.  Then the following week I'm tired and eating more regularly.  Then the following week I have lots of energy again.  It's the only pattern I can see.  So I've decided I should probably start tracking my food intake.  I have to be careful because I can get very obsessive about the numbers.  I'm trying to come up with a way so that won't happen. I read a blog the other day where the person was talking about how they limited their calories but not what they eat.  Gradually, as they lost weight, their eating naturally changed towards healthier food.  This makes perfect sense and I think that's the approach I'm going to take.  I'll set my calorie intake at a certain level but not get crazy over what it is I eat.  I think that's one of the best ways to go.  Or I could just check into orlando vacations and drink mai tai on the beach :)

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