28 December 2009

How quickly things change

I woke up this morning not feeling much different from any other morning lately and did my morning stuff; feed the birds, let the dogs out, check email, etc. Today was the day I start using my new food journal so I dutifully logged my morning coffee and creamer. Hubby left for work and I decided to go for my walk. In the back of my mind I thought I'd like to run. I really felt like running this morning. But I was afraid to push to hard too fast. I thought I'd run an easy 4 minute run/90 walk pace, but I was a little nervous about pushing it. So I committed myself to walking and headed out. But I really felt the desire to push it just a little. So I did. I walked 4 miles, which is what I usually run, in almost the same time that I usually run. I was stoked!! I felt energized and really, really good. My knee hurt a bit towards the end but not bad, I think I need new shoes. I'm feeling really good and I may try running - very slowly - tomorrow. I need to increase it gradually and not try to do too much too fast. Wait until I really feel it, like today. We are buying the house and getting a home warranty which basically mechanical breakdown insurance for all the things in the house. I wish I had that for me. I know I have insurance but the home warranty just replaces things if they break, my insurance doesn't do that. Okay, I have things to do today so I'm off.

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