18 January 2010

I. Am. Cooking.

Seriously.  Me....... I'm cooking.  I came across a website that had some good recipes that appeared to be simple.  The website is the board for the preservation of healthy Italian eating.....whatever, click here and you'll go there. They are offering a free ebook with some really healthy recipes and great meal ideas.  

Today is a holiday and I'm looking for some good lunches.  My lunch has to be easy to eat, so sandwiches work great.  The thing is unless I make a big ole Subway type sandwich, just a sandwich is not enough.  Plus, I really like soup and sandwich.  Hot soup fills you up for little calories.  But canned soup is expensive and full of sodium which I don't like.  So using some recipes from that website I decided to cook up some things today to have for lunch the rest of the week.

This is a butternut soup I made. Yuck!!! But Hubby loves it so that's good.

This is what I did with the rest of the squash and this is delicious!!!

And this is a 15-bean soup. I love beans and I like soup so this should be a winner. I'm simmering it right now to get the beans soft. Yum.

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