04 January 2010

January 4th !?!?!?!?!?!?

We are already 4 days into the new year!!!  Wow, it's going to be one of those years I can tell. 

So where have I been?  Around..... My eating plan has not been going as I planned.  Too many days I've had beer with lunch which resulted in a sweet tooth that I had no control over.  I ate an entire package of creme wafers the other day.  The whole package.  In about 4 hours.  The worst part was I was not even close to being full.  I could have eaten more but I ran out.  What the heck is up with that???  So yeah, things are not going well. 

Next week is back to school and I am completely not ready.  This week though I'm going to get up earlier and earlier (I've been sleeping until 7) and there will be no naps during the day. This will naturally lead to an earlier bed time and hopefully by Monday I'm back on schedule again. I'm also writing down everything I eat.  I'm not restricting my eating just writing it down.  And I'm drinking tons of water.  Tons and tons....  And running.  I'm running everyday.  That's all.  Just trying to get life back in balance. 

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