21 February 2010

CPK for lunch

The day always begins with coffee in the Tigger mug:

After walking Axl for almost 2 hours I was hungry. I broke out the standard banana and peanut butter:

Then it was off to walk Lola. After getting back from that and showering I was starving, so it was off to California Pizza Kitchen. They just opened a new one near us and we had a gift card. Lunch began with a margarita:

Hubby and I shared a salad and a pizza. We had the Original Chopped Salad (I love chopped salad)half order:

And The Works pizza:

It was very good and perfect for the two of us.

That was it for the day until dinner. Hubby cooked a pork roast with macaroni salad, corn, rice and gravy:

Looking at that plate I had a ton of food, but I was hungry. Overall a good day. Tomorrow starts my new life.


Michelle | Poster Printing said...

I really lOooooOOOOove the tigger mug. I've always like tigger, he just looks so joyous and bouncy :)

julianne liaison said...

The Tigger mug is definitely one of the best way to start a day!
As a matter of fact, I am also starting the day with such a mug (even if it isn´t exactly the same...)

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