Exciting times....

A friend of ours has been trying to get pregnant forever.  They have gone through the entire arsenal to try and have a baby and are now on the 2nd round of in vitro.  The first time they only got one viable embryo and that one didn't take.  This time they had 3 viable embryos and all seemed to implant successfully.  They get to take a pregnancy test in 10 days and find out if it worked.  So I'm sending out my thoughts and prayers to them and hope this works for them.  With any luck at all they will be sending out baby announcements very, very soon. I'm excited for them and hope they get pregnant.


Faith said…
Aw, it sounds exciting. I am also hoping and will be praying for them to have a positive result. What's the name of your friend? Please do update us with the result. Thank you.

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