I am not pleased....

I have fallen into some sort of negative pit and I don't like it. I am generally a very happy, positive person but lately I'm feeling very negative. Negative about the house. Negative about my job. Negative about myself. I am not normally like this and I do not like the feeling at all. There is a blog I read and the writer is totally over the top happy, happy. Everything is wonderful, sunshine, roses, all the time. It really makes me ill reading it. I was reading it last night though and it hit me. I dislike this blog more than normal. That has to do with my growing negativity. So I have to stop it. And I need to stop it today. My life is awesome!!! Completely and totally awesome!!! I have a fabulous job that I love, while a lot of my friends are unemployed or underemployed and searching for work. I have a fabulous new car that I adore. I am buying a house. How lucky can one girl get? I even have a job that let's me make extra income from home. Things are fantastic in my life. Yet I tend to focus on the bad stuff. On the troubles and the things that may not be as good as others. Hello!!! Get over it!!!! I know that this focusing on the negative adversely affects my weight. When I am positive and happy it's much easier to lose weight and work out. So starting today, right now, I'm back to the positive. I will see the positive in all things and I will focus on that. My life is awesome and there are lots of people who would kill to have my life. I am sooooo lucky!!!!


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