06 February 2010

My one week experiment

Last weekend I decided to lay out a food plan for the week for breakfast and lunch since those are the meals I have control over. I also wanted to move everyday. So how did it go? Well overall pretty good.

Monday and Tuesday were pretty good. I took my breakfast and lunch with me to school and ate them. I had a reasonable amount of healthy, whole food and I felt pretty darn good. Wednesday was a pot luck at school and I ate more junk then I planned. Thursday I took the kids on a field trip and they fed us pizza :) Friday was a breakfast meeting and a sandwich on the go. So not a total success but much better then I've been doing lately.

I found a couple of recipes that I love and a couple that I will never do again. I need to get some plain protein powder because it really does give simple meals a little boost. I also need to perfect my smoothies. I used to love smoothies in the mornings. It's a great, fast, easy, portable breakfast but I moved away from them for some reason. Well, they are back and I need to get back into the program. I love smoothies and I need to get the stuff for them again. But again, plain protein powder is much better in them.

I didn't move as much as I wanted to but that was because of my period. I haven't had one in 4 months and then I get it. Ugh!!! Can we just be done with this please?? Anyway, that just makes me more lethargic so I didn't move as much as I wanted to. On the good side, it also makes me not as hungry so I guess it's a trade off.

So this week I want to do the same thing: 
  1. Follow my eating plan 90% of the time.  This means planning what I'm going to eat for the week. 
  2. Move more.  Exercise is not optional anymore.  Yoga every morning and stretching before bed. 

I'm hoping this week will also clear up the house issues and we will be ready to close on that puppy.  If that doesn't get straightened out this week I may just book some  Orlando vacations and forget about the whole thing. Okay, things to do before we head out for shopping.

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