22 March 2010

Definitely better today

Okay, so I thought I was recovered yesterday from whatever hit me Saturday night but I was wrong.  I was very lethargic and tired most of the day yesterday.  This morning I am definitely feeling back to my old self so that is good.  I felt so tired and drained yesterday I was considering taking some bsn xplode to get a little energy boost. I do use whey protein in my morning oatmeal because I just do not get enough protein. I don't. I can go for days without eating protein and it doesn't bother me at all then, all of sudden it will hit me. So in order to avoid that I try to have protein with each meal. Okay, this was not what I planned on writing about.

I've been doing a lot of reading about weight loss lately and I've come to some conclusions. I've heard people saying that you need to take small steps and you need to reward yourself for every little thing you do. I'm not buying that anymore. I think big, drastic changes are the way to go and instead of taking little steps push yourself. Push yourself as hard as you can. In the beginning that's not going to be that hard but gradually it will get harder. I'm really tired of mediocrity. I want something outstanding and grand. I want something that pushes me to the absolute limits of my abilities. I want to become awesome in my own eyes. So I'm starting now. I'm pushing the limits of what I can do. No stopping when I'm tired, I don't stop until I'm trembling. I'm going to go hard or go home.

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