Getting old sucks!!!

For a while now, months, after I eat dinner I feel stuffed and bloated.  I also suffered from really bad gas sometimes.  I examined everything in my diet and could not figure out what was causing me so much problems.  I looked at bread, wheat gluten, yeast, you name it I considered it.  Nothing seemed to clear things up.  I had come to the conclusion that my digestive track was just screwed up.  Then, about a week ago, I ran out of milk.  I have a small glass of milk every night.  I love milk. I don't drink tons, just a small glass every night after dinner. So when I ran out of milk I was bummed and I had a glass of almond milk.  That night I had no gas, did not feel stuffed and bloated.  Hmmmm......  I have not had milk for over a week and I feel incredible. My digestive system feels like it's getting back to normal.  The one thing I never considered was milk and that was the problem.  Who knew.....


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