06 March 2010

A good day

I had a really good day. I am slowly trying to change my routine around to be more active. This morning I worked out. Then I washed my car. Then we made a trip to WalMart and Petco to stock up on essentials. We had lunch which included some beer but I was planning on that. I then came home and took a nap - another part of the plan. I really couldn't nap though, so after an hour got up and headed to the mountains to look for lilikoi (passion fruit). The birds love lilikoi and they are hard to find. There is a trail behind my house that has a bunch of lilikoi vines. So I went for a short hike for the birds and came away pretty much empty handed. It's been raining a lot and they may have been knocked off the vines and eaten by the wild birds. I will tell you it was unbearably humid in that forest. Maybe they should consider a dehumidifier :) Anyway, after my short hike we walked the dogs, came home and ate dinner. I feel tired but not exhausted. Just tired like I've been busy and I like that feeling. So I'm going to watch a little TV and then head off to bed.

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