I'm a terrible blogger

I really am.  I hardly update and when I do I don't have much to say.  I'm a terrible blogger. So what's been going on.  Well, this week I have been absolutely exhausted.  Really, really tired.  I think I'm more than ready for spring break which is in 12 days but who's counting??  We still haven't closed on the house yet though it is really, really close now.  I'm sure the next time I talk about it will be to say that we closed.  But as a result I'm paying insurance on a house I don't own.  That is as silly as getting an auto insurance quote when you don't even own a car. Sheesh....... Exercise has not been happening....Food has been good though. It's amazing how good I feel since I stopped drinking milk. Lactose intolerance....Who knew???? Well, that's it in a nutshell... Now I have to get some tests ready and rest for tomorrow.....


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