Mid-Week Check In

Every week I have the best intentions of blogging more frequently and then Wednesday rolls around and I haven't blogged all week.  Oh well, I try.....

Things are going really, really well.  My eating has been great.  I've been working out every day and I'm feeling really, really awesome.  I don't feel like I'm six months pregnant.  I don't feel like I have to "go" all the time.  I'm feeling strong and confident. Maybe I should start an affiliate marketing program to share this feeling with the rest of the world because I feel unbelievably awesome!!!

I've noticed a couple of things that I find amusing. I have a couple of big t-shirts that I wear when I'm feeling fat. When I'm feeling fat I don't like anything that even grazes my body. I like things loose so I can not feel my fat rolls. So since I haven't been at it that long I have a tendency to grab my big t-shirts around the house. Monday I put one on after work. We walked the dogs and then came back and I did Zumba (I love that workout). By the time I was done the shirt felt absolutely huge. I hung on me and I felt like I was swimming in it. Not that I'm complaining, not at all, but I find it highly amusing.

I also find that when I eat right and work out I'm much more organized in my daily life. I ironed all my clothes on Sunday night so I'm ready in the mornings. I have time to feed the birds and make my lunches..It's great. Of course, things are a mess at school. I'm disorganized and way behind on my grading but I'm going to straighten that out starting tomorrow.


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