That's about enough

I am strange when it comes to being sick.  Like most people I hate being sick and the way I feel.  But unlike most people, I think from what I hear, I don't like to take anything.  I like to ride it out because a) I think my body is equipped to handle these kinds of things, b) I think it makes my immune system stronger by having to fight this off, and c) I think taking things actually makes colds and such last longer.  Am I doctor or do I have any proof of the above? No, but I know my body and I have a pretty good handle on what works for it and what doesn't.  For the cold I have now I only took something once on the very first day, since then - only cough drops because my throat is sore. But now I'm done.  I've had enough of being sick and it's time to get over it.  How might I accomplish this you ask?  Well, I got up and am doing just my normal routine.  I fed the birds, had coffee and a little something to eat because I was starving, I'm sitting here blogging and I'll be heading to Weight Watchers in a few minutes.  After Weight Watchers I may go for a walk - that depends on how tired I am, after all I am still sick.  So basically I will go about my normal routine getting back into the swing of things but I will take time to rest if I get tired.  My body aches from lying down for 2 days and I have a headache from the cold? lying down? sleeping?  Not sure which it is.  And, this is the biggee, I go back to eating right today.  While sick I went for long periods without eating then would eat a little junk - no more.  Today I eat right, track everything, and count points.  Okay, off to the showers....


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