31 May 2010

A quick review

I will go into this in great depth in a few weeks but I wanted to put this out there. A few years back I got a Body Bugg. It was good but there were some problems with it. First it has to be worn on your arm so is constantly in view if you wear short sleeves like I do. Also, you have to pay for access to the website in order to use your Body Bugg. That was a bummer. Also, the website was cumbersome and I kept having problems with it hanging up on me. After awhile I quit using it. In fact, it's still in a draw if anyone wants one :)

What I did like about it was the way it determined how many calories you burned. Because face it, when you work out you are no judge of how hard you really worked. A couple of months ago I started reading about other things like the Body Bugg. Apparently other companies were coming out with things similar to the Bugg. I first heard about the Gruve which is basically a glofired pedometer that you can sync with the computer and see on a chart. I actually like it a lot and was considering ordering it when I stumbled across the FitBit. Now this is basically a glorified pedometer but it's really cool. First thing is it's not that expensive. Second, you don't pay to use the website. Third it is small. It clips on your waistband or slides in a pocket. Fourth, it tracks your sleep. That is one of the coolest part. It tracks how you sleep, when you are quiet, when you are moving and calculates how long you were in bed and how long you slept. It it wicked cool. I actually ordered it about 2 months ago but they are so swamped with orders they got backlogged. I got it on Saturday and I absolutely love it. It keeps track of the steps I've taken, the miles I've traveled, the calories I've burned and my sleep. Awesome..... Deeper review and more details to come.

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