03 June 2010

The end is in sight

Tomorrow is the last "official" day of school. Today were my finals so now all I have left to do is grade and log the grades. Tomorrow I have to go in for half a day then tomorrow afternoon is paaaarrrrrttttttyyyyyyyy!! The school is having a party at a hotel in Waikiki with an open bar! Yes!!! I love working at a private school. It totally rocks.

But this is a blog about a healthy lifestyle and that's what I should talk about. Work outs have been non-existent this week. Just getting through the final week has been workout enough. I have been walking the dogs every night though so something is getting done. Saturday the workouts begin again with a vengeance. I have 7 weeks before I have to go back to school and I plan on taking advantage of that time. I have 3 workouts a day planned for every single day. I will start my running again. I will get at least 2 swims a week in. The bike is getting dusted off. I am looking forward to it. I will be writing my thesis, working on lesson plans for next year and painting and looking into Progress lighting for the house. My general plan is a walk/run first thing in the morning. A bike ride, swim, or yoga midday. Dog walk at night and finally some weights in the evening. I'm looking to burn about 3,000 calories a day and I'm going to track all my food since I'll be home.... I am looking forward to it and can not wait to get it started.

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