18 June 2010

A little calmer today

I think I overreacted yesterday.  I saw that 191 on the scale and totally freaked out. Seriously came unglued.  In my mind 190 is like my drop dead number.  I always thought that once I saw that number I would kick it into high gear.  I spent yesterday trying to keep moving and avoiding food at all costs.  Luckily, by yesterday afternoon I started to come to my senses.  I realized that that 191 may not be completely true.  I have been running and doing a lot of walking.  I can feel the muscles developing in my legs.  I have a feeling that the 191 might be a bit of an anomaly between muscle and fat.  Yesterday I ate 1900 calories and burned 2500 calories.  Okay, not perfect but that's a 600 calorie deficit. So far today I've burned about 1200 calories and only eaten about 700 - and today is fairly typical. Yesterday ended up being pretty typical too in spite of my insanity of the morning.  I don't think I need to move 24-7 and  eat next to nothing.  I think just by keeping on doing what I'm doing and watching what I eat will help things along. I'm going to stay on the track I'm on just adding in some weight training next week.  I'm also going to watch the food more closely and see what happens.  If that doesn't work maybe I will have to consider a apidexin & detoxufree72 combo. I am serious about losing some weight over this here break. Ugh!!!!!

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