Running to.....

That's what I have to keep in mind, running to something not running away from something. I'm running to health and activity and doing things I enjoy. The other day when I saw that 191 on the scale I immediately flipped and began running away from it. I can't run away. That doesn't work for me. I need to work towards a goal, not run away from one. That's why I've been able to do the things I've done in my life. I went back to college and got a degree - running towards a degree. I trained and ran a marathon - running towards 26.2 miles. I did a few triathlons - running towards swimming, biking, running. I changed careers at 50 - running towards something new. I bought a house - running towards insanity. Anyway, running towards something works for me, running away from something never got me anywhere.

So, after 2 days of running away, I'm re-shifting my focus to run toward a goal. That goal is health and fitness. I want to run marathons and do triathlons. I want to take an Orlando vacation and wear a two-piece swimsuit. I want to have to energy to do whatever pops into my head. So a paradigm shift is occurring and I'm glad.....Now, I have to go run....


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