17 June 2010

Sad Moment

Since school ended last week I have avoided stepping on the scale.  I have been working out and eating okay (so I thought) and I thought that by avoiding the scale I would avoid obsessing over the numbers.  Of course, I thought that by not tracking my food I would avoid obsessing over the numbers.  Guess what?  I  was wrong.  I have been feeling decidedly fat the last two or three days. So just a little while ago I decided to step on the scale.  191!!!  191?!?!?!?!?  Hello!!!  So I thought back over the past week and thought, how can running in the morning, sitting on my ass, eating lunch, napping, walking the dogs, eating dinner....how can that lead to a 3 lb weight gain???  So that pretty much cinches it.  Starting right now I am tracking everything that goes in my mouth - everything!!!  I will continue to build my activity and hopefully get some of this weight off.   My goal now is to be 180 by the time school starts. That's 11 lbs in 6 weeks.  Ugh!!! Why do I do this to myself???

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Happy New Year

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