Time to get more active

I have been off for a week now, okay - officially it's only been 2 days... In that time I have let the sloth creep in too often. I've already gotten the habit of naps after lunch - not good...  And lying on the couch to veg whenever the mood strikes me - definitely not good. So that all changes today.  I want to be active but I need to write this thesis so I'm trying to balance both.  Here is the general plan; I will run/strength train in the mornings.  I will come back shower and work on my papers for a few hours. Around 10ish I will head over to the beach for an ocean swim 3 days a week.  Back home for lunch and a few more hours of work.  Walk the dogs in the afternoon and then I'm done.  The other 2 days instead of swimming I'm going to ride my bike.  I'm aiming for the Na Wahine Sprint Tri in September. I really want to do at least one tri this year.  Then I'm shooting for the new North Shore Marathon next May.  Hopefully By then I'll be in shape to do more triathlons.  So let the activities begin.....


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