17 June 2010

Yesterday was better

Yesterday morning I went for my run - yea!!!! - then I worked on my thesis for a while - yea!!! - then I ate lunch.  Around 1 pm I headed out.  I walked to the local SuperCuts for a haircut - yea!!! - then I walked over to the mall to check out a farmer's market they have every Wednesday.  I met Hubby there and after we headed home.  The farmer's market is really good and I will definitely be going there while I'm off.  This morning there is anything farmer's market in the park, I'm going to check that one out too.

So I just have to moan about my neighbors for a bit.  They started working on their house last week and you would not believe the things they are doing.  They began by removing all the windows in order to paint ?!?!?  Then they replaced the floor in the kitchen - which was fairly new vinyl tile - with travertine tile ?!?!?!? Hello!!!  That is a lot of money to spend on flooring for a cheap house.  I always see travertine tile in million dollar homes.  The only way this could be a million dollars is if they leveled it and started over.  I just don't understand people sometimes. They are randomly tearing things out of that house without even checking.  There could be asbestos in there, the houses are that old, and they could end up with Mesothelioma. It's a little crazy. Okay, no, it's a lot crazy.... One of the things I said to Hubby before we moved in here is that we weren't going to make any major changes until we lived here a little.  Houses have a flow to them and you really can't know that flow until you live in them for awhile.  Oh well, it's nice to be young and know everything :)

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