04 July 2010

This is what I'm talking about.....

I just got back from my run. On the schedule was 6/1 intervals x 5. Whew!! This was going to be tough. As I was walking for my warm-up I was trying to decide what route to take. I got to the corner where the decision had to be made which way to go, and I still hadn't decided. As I was thinking I found myself heading in the direction of the hard run. Oh!! Okay!!! Apparently I had made the decision I just didn't know it. So I started running. The hard part about this route is that it is mostly uphill. Seriously. You do not go down near as much as you go up. Seriously, I am not exaggerating. Anyway I headed up that way. The first 6 minutes went by pretty fast. I thought "I will be able to do this." The next interval went by pretty fast too. Hmmm...I'm on to something here. The next interval, which was on a semi-flat surface, I decided to kick it up a notch. I worked on turning over my feet faster. That one seemed to take longer but I felt really good. The next interval was pretty good, it was mostly downhill and flat so that was good. The final interval I tried to really kick it up bit, especially towards the end. I felt like I was giving a real good effort. So, let's look at the numbers. Now, I've been using Runkeeper on my phone, but when I looked at the numbers today they just didn't seem right. I then went to Gmap Pedometer to map it out and see.

According to RunKeeper: Time: 55:09 Distance: 2.93 miles = 18:48 min/mi
According to Gmaps: Distance: 3.5 miles = 15.71 min/mi

And, since I walked 0.8 miles for my warm-up/cool-down and that took ~20 minutes, I actually "ran" 2.7 miles in 35 minutes which is 12.96 min/mile which seems much more reasonable to me. But I actually only ran for 30 of those 35 minutes. Because I took 5, 1 minute walk breaks. This makes a lot more sense to me. Considering I know the effort I put in and I put in way more then 18 min/mi of effort. So I'm going with the 12.96 and I'm going to track my running differently from now on. Maybe it's time to bust out the Garmin again.

Anyway, bottom line - it was a great run. I pushed myself and felt awesome.....

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