26 August 2010

Coming Back

For a long, long time I've been saying to myself that I need a workout that really kicks my butt. Something that leaves me a whimpering puddle on the floor at the end of it. And I looked and looked and looked. I tried every single workout that came down the pike and nothing really did it for me. Jillian was good but only about 25 minutes. Turbo Jam was an hour but I didn't push myself that hard with it. I could not find the one perfect workout. Until now.

I am finishing up my 2nd week of Les Mills BodyAttack and BodyPump and let me tell you what.... I feel like a million bucks. My energy is increasing. My hunger is getting under control. I'm feeling really good in my own skin. It is awesome. Last week I lost 4lbs, that number went up a little this week but my clothes fit better. So I think I burned off some fat last week but now I'm starting to build some muscle. That would account for the slight gain and the looser clothes.

I'm also starting to seriously think of racing again. I have a ways to go before I'll be ready to tri (ha-ha)but I'm definitely considering it for next year. I'm excited about that.

Tonight at class I pushed myself. Hard. I have not pushed myself so hard for a long, long time. It felt awesome. I love the feeling of working to almost total exhaustion. I love it. Now it's time to think about heading off to bed. Sleep is important when I'm working this hard.

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