28 August 2010

More on binge eating

Today has been awesome. I went and worked out - did weights for an hour - and felt fabulous. Leaving the fitness studio I decided I needed to eat really healthy today. I headed off to the store and stocked up on cereal, almond milk, salad stuff, and fruit. Then I came home a proceeded to eat like a champ. I have not felt so good in a long, long time. I've eaten right around 1000 calories so far today and I'll probably have 300-400 for dinner. I've burned around 1500 so far today and I haven't done much and the day is not over. That is a good day.

I've been thinking about why I did what I did yesterday and something hit me that I hadn't considered before. Yesterday morning I was really hungry and went to McDonald's for breakfast. I never do that. When I want to eat out for breakfast I go to Starbuck's - they have this fabulous oakcake that I seriously crave sometimes. But I went to McD's for some unknown reason. I got, well I should say I ordered a sausage muffin with egg, what I got was one with ham - bleh!!! But I ate it. That seemed to start the whole binge. For lunch I had some braised beef from the cafeteria but then I went and bought a Reese's candy after I ate. Then all that garbage on the way home. It really is like McD's started something. I read The End of Overeating a while back and I really think what he says in the book is true. I have eaten Starbuck's for breakfast and never craved sugary stuff all day long. I ate McD's on Friday and all I could think about was sugar and fat....mmmmm, yum! That is crazy. I know that a steady diet of junk makes you crave more junk, but I have never experience something so quick and so profound. Wow!!! It really makes you think. So, not only is sugar out of my diet but apparently fast food of any kind also. It's not like I eat a ton of fast food, in fact I don't think I've been to McD's 3 times in the past year - oh, I lie. I have gone a couple of times recently to get their smoothies, but that's all. I gave up fast food years ago just because I realized how bad it was for you. Ugh!!! I set myself up for a horrible day without even realizing it. Ugh!!!!

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