22 August 2010

Rest Day

In all honesty, this is the first rest day I've taken in years that I feel I actually deserved.  I would say I was taking a rest day because of this or that but the truth is I was just letting the lazy win. No more.  I worked out hard this week and I feel awesome because of it.  Now my body deserves a day to heal itself.  I do have lots of things to do today though.  I have to grade papers - I have a huge stack that I need to get done and logged in the electronic grade book.  I also need to iron my clothes for next week.  I have discovered that I like doing that, it makes life so much easier in the mornings.  Okay, I guess that's all I have to do - thought it was more.  Oh yeah, I want some paper, some very specific paper that says a very specific thing.  I think I'm going to look at some online printing services to see if I can get this made without spending an arm and a leg. We'll see. So I guess that's about it. Tomorrow I don't teach but I have to go to a teacher's seminar. Ugh!!! Oh well, today will be nice :)

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