21 August 2010

Seriously, who knew???

Monday night I started working out at the new fitness center near my house.  The way their schedule is set up I can do cardio Monday, Wednesday, Friday and strength on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  The workouts are about an hour long and I sweat buckets in both of them.  It's absolutely perfect.  I have gone every night this week, except Wednesday because of open house, and I am already starting to feel awesome.  Working out is absolutely fabulous but there are benefits to it that I forget.  For example, when I work out regularly I don't crave junk.  My body wants good, wholesome food to refuel and rebuild.  I also have more energy.  I was thinking that I was having trouble sleeping when I may actually be increasing my energy levels.  Also, I just feel better in my skin.  I don't know how to explain it other than that.  It's not like I've lost a ton of weight in a week but I feel awesome.  But I did see a number on the scale I haven't seen in a few months - 184.8 - so that's awesome.

So the truth of the matter is I don't deal well with emotions - I just don't.  Probably what attracted me to science and math. The other night when I had that revelation while working out - that I am fat - it was like the sky cleared and I could finally see. All the previous times I've been successful at weight loss it's always been with that matter of fact attitude - I need to lose weight! That's it. No emotions, no crying why am I fat, no whining, just doing. I guess it really has to do with not focusing on the negative, only the positive.  Instead of thinking why can't I lose weight, I think if I do A, B, and C I will get into better shape and eventually lose weight.  So it's a focus on the process not the outcome. Whatever it is, the bottom line is that it is working.  This morning I am down 3 lbs from where I started the week.  I feel incredible and I have energy to spare.

Now today is going to be incredibly busy.  I have to go workout this morning. Then I have to get my haircut - this lady who does the best job on my hair only works 3 days a week and today is one of them.  I also have a pile of grading to do and I mean a pile.  Then I promised a neighbor I'd help them pick out baby shower invitations, they are throwing a surprise shower for a mutual friend. Finally, a lady is bringing a bird over for me to sit for 10 days while she goes to the mainland for some medical treatment.Hubby is working tonight so there's  no dog walk in the plans.  Tomorrow should be much calmer and more relaxed - hopefully....

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