27 September 2010


That's what the scale said this morning. 175. I was looking through my archives and near as I can tell, I have not been at that weight since 2008. Two years. I was thinking to myself that I was not feeling thin like I thought I should, but if I haven't been here in two years this is not the weight I feel thin at. I'm guessing it's around 170ish. I have a pair of pants that are a size 10. These are cut a little small and these are the pants that I wear when I'm feeling thin. I can not wait to get back into those pants but I think it will be a little while.

I was just going through my archives and I found an interesting thing. Apparently I didn't log my weight much. I talked about it a lot but didn't put the actual numbers down very often. That creates a bit of a problem since I don't know the weight at which I felt the best. Bummer. I did find a post that indicates 167.5 was a high. So that would lead me to believe that I felt the best around 160-165ish so that is going to be my immediate goal.

As I was looking over my archives I couldn't help but notice all the racing I did. I did a lot. Running and triathlons. I really, really want to get back into that. I enjoy racing. I love the training. I love the atmosphere on race morning. I love the getting up early and heading out. I love pushing myself to see just how much I can do. I love it all. So my return to racing is Sunday November 14th with a 5k right here in Kailua. I'm looking forward to that. After that it will be a 10k on New Year's Day and it will just continue from there. My first triathlon will be in March I think. When I think of racing I get very excited. I'm looking forward to my return to the world or racing.

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