And again this morning...

I step on the scale and it says 177.2. OMG!!! That is so awesome. It looks like I won't be looking for any fat burners that work, I seem to have found something that works.

This is the last week before a 2-week break at school. I need this break in so many ways. I am making plans for the break though since I do not want to just lie around the house. I'm going to paint and decorate 2 rooms, finish the bathroom, train the dog, start running again....yes, you read right, start running again. In the past 6 weeks I've lost 10 lbs and I told myself if I got to 175 I would start running again. Well, at this rate I'll be there by the weekend so I'm making plans to run. I figure I'll run in the mornings and go workout at night. I decided to take this week a little easy and only workout on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It was really hard not to go tonight. Really. Hard. I felt good and could have used a good workout but I keep my word and stayed home and got some things done. I'm proud of myself. I think I will start really slow with the running and I think I will get new shoes. Yikes...Running again....


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