19 September 2010

From one extreme to the other

I was overdoing it lately and decided to lay off a little. I didn't work out Thursday, Friday or yesterday. In fact, I was completely exhausted until today. I napped and slept and ate for the last 3 days. Yesterday was all about brownies, M&Ms and take out. Not a good reaction to rest. I was afraid of what the fallout from eating like that would be. I was afraid I would spend today looking for the best fat burning supplement but, in a shocking turn of events - the scale says the same thing it said Thursday morning. Yeah!!! I did not gain 400 lbs. So I get one more day of rest and then I have to work out tomorrow.

I am thinking I have to revamp my workouts. Every night is really, really hard even though I love how it makes me feel. Also, I feel so out of control when I'm tired like that. Out of control of work, out of control of finances, out of control of everything. Having a little time to myself and time to get things done really helps me maintain control.

I'm off, looking for some balance.

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