20 September 2010

Is this thing working???

I stepped on it yesterday and it said 181.6. I stepped on it this morning and it said 181.6. Then it said 180.5. Then it said 178.4. Ummm....hello....178?!?!?!? I haven't seen that number in easily a year. Awesome. I did step on and off it a number of time and kept getting 178 so I'm sticking with it. That means I have lost 10 lbs in 6 weeks. Not earth shattering by any means, definitely not as quick as quick diet pills, but better than I've been doing. I feel great. Funny how the working out seems to regulate the appetite. I get hungry but I stop eating when I get full. I don't like to eat until I'm stuffed = like I used to. That is a very cool side benefit. One thing I do have to watch is the tendency to cut back on the calories too far. I will do that. I start to lose weight and I want to lose more so I will unconsciously cut back on the calories until I'm weak, and cranky. Have to watch that I don't do that.

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