25 September 2010

Okay, let's review

McDonald's sausage McMuffin with egg, hashbrowns and oj for breakfast.
No water all day.
2 cookies, small piece of chicken, scoop of rice, scoop of corn, and a Drumstick for lunch.
A very large beer and half a small one. Some pretzels.
Hamburger steak, rice, and salad for dinner.
I feel like hell. I'm a little bloated (too much rice) and I need to go to bed (beer). Enough with this garbage.

I'm officially on break - WOO HOOO - and here is how tomorrow is going to go.
Up around 6am - feed the birds, coffee.
Breakfast around 7 - cereal and milk.
Walk to workout at 8, workout from 8:30 to 9:30, walk home.
Eat well all day and lose this feeling of fat.
Get my grading done so it's history and watch some soaps.

I need to get rid of this feeling and back to the way I was feeling at the beginning of the week. I will and it starts tomorrow.

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