16 October 2010


This is where it usually falls apart for me, trying to balance all the different pieces of my life. I want to work out, I really, really do, but fitting it in to my daily schedule is hard. I leave for work at 6:30ish. Being a teacher I'm generally busy all day long. I get home around 4 pm. We walk the dogs around 4:30 and that takes 45 minutes. If I'm taking the early class I need to come back from walking the dogs and rush off to class. If I'm taking the 6:30 class I have a little time to spend with the birds before I leave. When I take the 5:30 class I get back around 7ish and clean the bird room, eat, and relax. I also do any school work if i have it. When I take the 6:30 class I come home close to 8, eat, and pretty well drop down exhausted. I have little energy to get much done after that. But, in a bizarre twist, I'm generally not tired enough to go to bed until 10ish....Since I get up at 5 that's a tiny bit late. So what to do??? Right now I need to see what the dogs just did. Sounded like they knocked over the tv stands I have in the living room. I use them for other things besides TVs - it's not like I have a number of TVs in the living room :) Then it's off to class because there is no reason I can't get a workout in this morning.

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