18 November 2010

Not blogging is a good thing

It really, really is. I have now worked out 3 times this week. That is huge. Huge!!! I have not worked out that much in a couple of weeks, so I feel awesome.

For the past couple of months I've had this horrible feeling that something terrible was going to happen. The feelings of apprehension centered on Hubby and that scared the hell out of me. Well on Monday Hubby lost his job. While that is not a good thing it is not near as bad as I was imagining in my mind. It is terrible and we have to be incredibly conservative and Hubby needs to find a new job fast, but the things I was imagining in my mind were way, way worse. Things like cancer and accidents and all kinds of insane nonsense. Things that not even the best acne treatments would help. I also have not slept well in a long time. I toss and turn, wake up multiple times, and just feel like I was exhausted all the time. For the last week or so I have just been exhausted, just exhausted.... He got laid off on Monday and Monday night I slept pretty good. Last night I slept great!! I even overslept which is something I never do. So things are tough but we'll get through this. Sucks that it happened around the holidays though....Oh well...life will go on....

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