18 November 2010


I'm soooooooo tired tonight. I don't know if it's because I worked out 3 nights this week so far. Or because tomorrow is Friday. Or because teaching is physical and mentally draining. Whatever it is I am tired tonight. So I did not workout tonight. I took the night off. Also, my back hurts. By the time I got to work my low back had an ache that was very annoying. Over the course of the morning the pain seems to migrate from my low back to my right side. It felt like a cramp that would wrap around from my spine to my ribs. It was terrible. Luckily a teacher at work used to be a physical therapist and he did a little work on my back at lunch time. It worked. It was still sore but at least I did not get this screaming cramps that would double me over. So, short story long, tonight is a night of rest.

The other day we had a company come to school to demonstrate s a new technology. They handed out a bunch of free stuff including promotional flash drives - 8GB. I wanted one so bad but everyone else snatched them up. The reason I'm blathering on about this is because the flash drive I used for school work died today. I could really use a new one. Okay, enough.....time to watch some TV.

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