Short week

I love it. Only worked 2 days this week and now I am off until Monday. Love it!!!!

Last week I managed to work out every night except Thursday. In an interesting turn of events, I started this place because of the aerobic classes. I am an aerobic person and I love doing aerobics. But lately I'm not so much into the aerobics and much more into the strength training. I am also completely hooked on circuit training. I love their circuits!!!! As a result of the strength training and the circuits, I am starting to feel muscles all over my body. My shoulders, my back, my legs. Awesome.... This is what I love. Now I need to kick in the aerobics and lose the fat so the muscles pop out. Happy, happy, happy......

I also need to get the running started. I have successful put it off for 2 weeks now. I am only 23 weeks out from the May 1st marathon. I need to get running. So starting today I run. Every morning I will run or walk. I need to move my feet and my ass........

My niece had her baby yesterday. I won't go into all the things I really think about this, I'll just let it go at that. She posted some pictures and the baby is adorable.... But she's in a room with one of those point of care carts in all the pictures. Kind of takes away from the event. Hopefully everything is okay though. They usually have those things around because there is something wrong and they need to keep tabs on it.. Anyway, I'm off for some food and to move...


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