26 December 2010

Dealing with emotions

So I've been thinking about my student who died and it's really, really sad.  I found myself thinking about her and eating an entire tin of cookies. I didn't even realize I was doing it.  Amazing the things you can do without knowing it.  Dealing with her death is going to be hard on everyone. 

Meanwhile the organizing continues.  I spent the entire day getting my desk in order and straightening papers.  I keep newspapers for the birds and I had been throwing the entire papers into a box.  Well, I sat down and went through them and threw out the ads - can't use those - and separated them into different sizes for the different cages.  It took a while but cleaning the cages tonight was a breeze. That was nice.

My laptop is starting to act up.  The keyboard is starting to not work right. It doesn't happen all the time, just intermittently, but it's not a good sign.  It might be time for a new laptop.  Maybe I'll look into a custom laptop. I really can't afford one but I may not have a choice.

Well, enough for tonight. I'm tired and have done a fair amount of blogging today. Time to go relax and get ready for bed.

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