Called on account of rain

Here in Hawaii we are very spoiled. We have nice weather so often that a little bad weather can just get us down. This morning I was supposed to go ride with some friends but I woke up and it looked like rain. There is no way I am riding in the rain so I bailed on the ride. Don't know if they went, don't know if it rained on them but I did not want to get wet.

Since I stayed home I decided to play DDR. I love that game and I just don't have enough time to play it as much as I want to. So I played for about an hour and oh what fun!!! I really love that game. I think if I did that more I wouldn't need more fat burner supplements. It is a fun, sweaty mess and I love it.

Now I have to get ready to head off to a bird club meeting. I'm not looking forward to that. It's going to be boring and I'm not in the mood for boring today. Not sure why, I'm just not. So I better get ready for that....

Food was really good yesterday even though I was hungry all day. I did really good until dinner, then I went over my points a bit. But the damage wasn't serious so I'll survive the week. Today is looking better already, I'm not near as hungry as I was yesterday. Good sign...


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