15 January 2011


That's what I'm doing today. This week was not great. I only worked out on Monday and ran on Tuesday. The rest of the week I didn't do anything. On Wednesday I came home, walked the dogs, than worked on school stuff all night. Thursday I went to WW, then we went out to dinner for Chinese. Last night we got a last minute call to celebrate a friends birthday so that was dinner out. Luckily today starts my new day on WW (even though I weigh in on Thursday my new points start on Saturday) so it's a good time to regroup. I have a little bit of a stuffy head thing going on so I slept in this morning and did not make it to work out. But that's okay, I do need to plan this week though so that I do not show another gain.

I'm back. I went and had some breakfast and talked to Hubby for a bit. Now, on to my plan. Here is what I'm going to do:
  • Track.  Every morsel, bite, lick, taste, everything
  • Focus on the power foods.  These are mainly lean meat, fruits, veggies, all the things that are good for you.  
  • Move. As much as possible.  Not just working out but playing Wii, cleaning house, things like that.  Just keep moving. 
  • Wear my FitBit to keep track of my moving.  
There you go. Not really so very hard.  Today I'm going to clean the house, clean my desk, do the laundry, go grocery shopping,  look for some natural acne treatment cream, I seem to be breaking out like a teenager, and play Dance, Dance, Revolution for hours. I want to play now but I'll do my chores first.

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