Another week ends...

without much comment from me. Well it seems we have all adjusted to having the puppy around. I, however, have used it as an excuse to be a slacker. I have not worked out or logged my food once this week. What I apparently never posted about last week was that I lost 3 lbs. And I know it was all because of writing everything down. I had the best intentions this week but then I left my tracker at school and then I couldn't remember where it was...I was just like one of my students. In what is by no means a defense just a small reason, I have not worked out because my left heel is killing me. I have been in pain all week because of this stupid heel. But I am done with not working out. I need to move and I need to do it soon. I got a new workout DVD - Bob Harper - and I'm thinking I may give it a go tonight. I have fallen into this terrible routine. I come home from work, walk the dogs, sit around on the computer for an hour or so, eat dinner, do the dishes, lie on the couch. That's it. Not good, not good at all. I don't even take off my natural make up. So it's time to get moving. I won't be going to WW this week (which is probably good) because I have a math conference in the morning. But starting tomorrow it's back to tracking and working out. The Great Aloha Run is Monday so I'll be getting in at least 8 miles :)


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