07 February 2011


I love routine.  I really do. I like having things set and knowing what I'm doing all day long.  If I don't have a routine, like on the weekends, I will get up in the morning and make a list of things to do, which usually includes the order I'm doing them in.  I function well with that structure.  I find if I "play it by ear" I tend to not get anything done.  For example, all weekend I had a pile of work to grade.  On Saturday, after WW, I basically did nothing all day.  I kept thinking that I would grade on Sunday.  Well, when Sunday dawned I realized I needed to get my butt in gear.  I made a mental list:
(wait, I didn't have to do that this weekend did I??? See why I need routine...)

Interestingly enough, I got all my papers graded by 2 pm and had the rest of the afternoon free.  Nice.  So structure and routine work well for me.

Setting up a routine however can be a whole different story. I am a person who resists change.  I look at the down side of new routines.  For example, I need to run and I have a plan to run in the evenings after we walk the dogs.  I did that one day last week and came up with excuses for the other 2 days.  On Monday it was late and I needed to clean the bird room so I really couldn't spare the time. On Friday I had 3 beers for lunch and slept the afternoon away, I was in no shape to run.  Also, let's not forget the whole it's hard, my legs are sore, tired, I'm tired, whatever.  Excuses.  Excuses are like as*holes, everyone's got one.

So I need to work on my routine. I need and want to run and I need to work on a routine that will fit running into it. I need to lose the excuses and just do it.  Once I get into the groove I will be fine, it's always starting out that is difficult.  I get the feeling that's not how most people are.  From what I hear, others start out fine and all gung-ho and lose steam as time wears on.  I'm the opposite. Once I work it into my routine it may as well be set in stone.  I will continue to do it until I make a conscious effort to quit.

So routine and structure.  That is my goal for this week.

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