08 June 2011

Just passing through

Thought I'd pop in real quick before I start my day. Summer school begins today and I have to work tonight. In my mind I keep thinking that it will be a busy day. Yet, when I look at it logically, I will have hours of open time. So it's not going to be that busy. What I need to do is reframe the way I look at my day. I have plenty of time to do everything I want, and need, to do, I just need to get the busy part out of my head. Today looks like this:

  • Workout from 7 - 8 
  • Train Bella from 8 - 8:30
  • Shower, eat breakfast
  • Get ready for summer school 9 - 9:30 
  • Head out to school 10
  • Teach 11-1
  • Head home 1:15
  • Stop at the bank 1:45
  • Eat lunch 2ish
  • Open market 3ish
  • Work   4-10
There is a little bit of down time built into that schedule and some things won't take as long as I've indicated. So I need to just chill and roll with the day.  Right now I need to work out so I'm off. 

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