11 September 2011

Looking toward tomorrow

Okay. So I've come to terms that I am fat and out of shape. And I have what I think is a broken finger and it makes typing tough. Back to my weight. So I'm fat, out of shape and over 50. Yeah!! I can't do anything about the over 50 part so I just have to learn to live with that. But I can do something about being fat and out of shape. No more screwing around. I have got to get serious. II'm kind of down tonight. Thinking about all this just brings me down. I have done some prep to try and make the upcoming week easier and to make myself feel better, I went shopping and got stuff I like for breakfast and lunch so I won't be tempted to buy. I also ironed the clothes I'll wear this week and hung them in sets so they are ready for me to just jump into. I have also painted my toenails with black nail polish and silver crackle. It looks so cute. I'll try and post a picture of them. I wish I could get a manicure but I have toenail fungus so I can't do that. I could get medicine for it but you have to take it for 8 months and have your liver checked every 6 weeks. Not worth it for a manicure. {{sigh}} I'm down. I'm going to finish what I need to do then head to bed early. Tomorrow it starts with a 5 am workout.

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