19 January 2012

Moving at the speed of light....

That's what I feel like anyway. I have been working hard and working to keep on top of everything and not let things slip. It's only the first cycle and I can already see where things can go wrong. I've been going in early and getting things ready. I have to admit that I haven't been doing anything at home at night. That is step one into changing my routine.

So I'm this huge advocate of choices. There is always a choice - Always!! You give me any situation and I will show you a choice. You may not like the options but they are always there. So why am I lamenting my own choices so much lately? Back to school and I'm tired and drained at the end of the day. I can't force myself to get up in the morning and by evening I'm wiped out. I want to workout, at least I think I do. I know that I don't want to feel the way I do and look the way I do. Wait! I think I just hit on something. My motivation is from the negative. That never works for me. My motivation has to come from a positive side or it just doesn't work for me. My motivation has to be things like, I want to feel better, I want to run faster, hell I just want to run, I want to not be so tired, I want to be fit and trim. I heard Oprah once say, what you resist persists, and it is so true. If I focus on the negative I will stay stuck where I am. I need to shift my view and focus on the positive. I know this in every other area of my life, why can I not get it together in terms of health and fitness? What is wrong? Okay, nothing, I just need to break old habits. Course it would be a whole lot easier if I was trying to do motor home repair, but I can do this.

Start small. One step at a time, just continue to make forward progress.

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